8 Best snack for babies on a plane

best snacks babies plane

You can’t afford to board that plane with your cranky kids without any kid-approved snack in your bag. Knowing the best snacks to put in the bag is one way to ensure everyone enjoys the flight while it lasts. In this post, we will look at some of the best snacks for babies on a […]

Can I use canned peas for baby food?

canned peas for baby food

Are you wondering whether canned peas are good for your baby? Well, It is undeniable that peas have nutritional values because it contains protein and it can also provide iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, and calcium. They are the first food that can be introduced to the baby alongside other weaning food.  You can use […]

Can you freeze apple puree for babies?

can you freeze apple puree for babies

The most important part of your baby’s health is proper nutrition. Breast milk is an indispensable factor in the diet of every baby, but over time, due to increased calorie and vitamin requirements, breast milk no longer meets the needs of infants. In other words – the baby is ready to eat solid foods. The […]

Can I use Nutribullet for baby food?

nutribullet for baby food

  Did you know that your body cannot use all the nutrients from the food by chewing? This is why consuming nutrients as a liquid, is the best way to make the most of the vitamins and minerals you eat – fruits, vegetables, and seeds. That’s why Nutribullet is here to help you eat healthily. […]