Can you freeze apple puree for babies?

The most important part of your baby’s health is proper nutrition. Breast milk is an indispensable factor in the diet of every baby, but over time, due to increased calorie and vitamin requirements, breast milk no longer meets the needs of infants. In other words – the baby is ready to eat solid foods.

The right time for that moment is the baby’s fourth month (in some babies, sometimes later), as recommended by the pediatrician. If you want to cook for your baby from the beginning, boil it because it is the best way to keep all vitamins and minerals from food.

Apples are the truly magical fruit, and they can be a great choice for one of your baby’s first foods. Aplee pure is easy to prepare, easy to digest, and packed with nutrients. One of the most important nutritional facts is that apples contain two types of fiber: Soluble fiber; Insoluble fiber.

So, can you freeze apple puree for babies? Yes, you can, but you will need:

  1. Ice containers;
  2. Blender;
  3. Plastic bags for storing frozen food.

How to prepare apple puree for freezing

  1. Wash, chop, cook in water or steam;
  2. Blend the cooked apples, adding some water to the boil;
  3. Put apple puree into ice containers and freeze them;
  4. Later, remove apple puree from these containers and pack them in bags;
  5. Close apple puree tightly, and put them back in the freezer;
  6. Apple puree should be stored at the bottom of the fridge;
  7. It is recommended that apple puree prepared in this way be consumed within three months.

Apples are also versatile and can be added to any baby recipe you find. The best way to prepare apples for baby is with apple puree.

Simple apple puree recipe for your baby

  • Take two ripe apples and chop them into small cubes;
  • Put them to a boil in a little water;
  • Cook them in a covered pan until they are quite soft;
  • When apples softened, mix them so that the mixture is less frequent;
  • Put in a blender and add the water in which they were boiled while stirring;
  • Add some milk as well.

Nutritional benefits of apples

  • Maintain health by improving cardiovascular health, lowering LDL cholesterol and inhibiting LDL oxidation;
  • Reducing the risk of certain types of stroke;
  • Maintaining a healthy weight when introduced into a low-calorie, fiber-rich diet;
  • Improving lung function by counteracting the effects of oxidative damage;
  • Improving the health of the prostate, liver, and colon by inhibiting the growth of certain types of tumors;
  • Improving bone health, providing a good source of wrinkle minerals.

Always peel the apples before you plan to offer to your baby.

Nutrients in apples (one medium apple) – Vitamins:

  1. Vitamin A – 73 IU;
  2. Vitamin C – 9 mg;
  3. Folic acid (important during pregnancy) – 4 mcg;
  4. Vitamin E – 66 IU.

Nutrients in apples (one medium apple) – Minerals:

  1. Potassium – 158 mg;
  2. Calcium – 9.5 mg;
  3. Phosphorus – 9.5 mg;
  4. Magnesium – 7 mg;
  5. Selenium – 4 mg;
  6. Also contains small amounts of iron, manganese, zinc, and copper.
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