8 Best snack for babies on a plane

You can’t afford to board that plane with your cranky kids without any kid-approved snack in your bag. Knowing the best snacks to put in the bag is one way to ensure everyone enjoys the flight while it lasts. In this post, we will look at some of the best snacks for babies on a plane.

Veggie Straws

Veggies straws are the perfect snacks to bring along when traveling with your babies. These tasty veggie straws will make a great airplane snack for your babies any day.

These snacks are produced from vegetables and potatoes and seasoned with healthy sea salt. These veggie straws contain about 30% less fat than some of the most famous potato chip brands.

There are about 24 portions of this straw in a pack. You don’t have to take all of them on a single flight, take what you need, and reserve the rest for the next flight with your kids.

Fruit Snacks

Everyone loves fruit snacks including your babies. Adding some packs of some tasty and healthy fruit snacks to your luggage is a great way to ensure your babies have something to munch on while the flight lasts.

One great example of fruit snacks you can try is the 48 Stretch Island Fruit Leather Snacks. Each strip of this snack contains approximately a quarter cup with no added sugar to boost its taste.

It comes in a variety of beautiful flavors like cherry, Apple, strawberry, grape, apricot, raspberry, etc. These different flavors ensure every kid finds a flavor that appeals to him or her.

Organic Vitamin C Pops

A tasty organic vitamin C pops will help keep your kids under check while the flight lasts. This tasty pop package contains about 40 lollipops with natural flavors.

Each of these pops contains about 300% of the recommended daily allowance of the C vitamin. With these pops, you can keep your babies shaking their heads in ecstasy even as you give their immunity a great boost.

Beef Jerky Snacks Sticks

These jerk snack sticks come from tasty grass-fed cows. They come packed with about 9 grams of protein.

Handing your kids some of these snack sticks will keep them busy and happy while you focus on glancing through the dailies. The good part is that these snacks are Paleo, keto and whole 30 complaints, which means you can help yourself to some sticks even when you are on a diet.

These beef jerky snack sticks are very suitable for baby’s, but since the beef can be a little bit more difficult to chew than a piece of banana, for example, it is important that your baby has teeth.

Goldfish Crackers

This fish snack cracker will make any kid smile from 30,000 ft above the ground. You can bring the pack that comes with up to 30 different varieties. After all, they say variety is the spice of life.

The small packages are easy to take with you on the plane. These Goldfish crackers don’t contain artificial flavors and preservatives.

Lära bars

Larabars are mostly produced from dates and come with several ingredients in every bar. Kids are totally in love with a variety of packs.

The Lära Bar variety pack allows you to play the grab a pack game with them with each kid picking a different variety. The Lara bars are GMO-free and are not excessively processed. Some popular varieties include chocolate chip, cherry piece, blueberry muffin, etc.


The microwave popcorn may not be the best for your babies when on a flight. You need something less greasy when on a flight. One good example of the type of popcorn you can take on a flight is the organic butter and sea salt popcorn.

This popcorn comes with a little seasoning, some organic butter from healthy cows, and sea salt. The best part is that this popcorn tastes quite great.

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are the healthiest snacks you can bring along with you as a snack for your babies. Go for fresh fruits that leave little or mess.

Some of the best fruits to take on a flight for your kids include apples, grapes, bananas, oranges. Make sure you wash your fruits with portable water before boarding.

With these snacks, your kids will be as a complaint as you want them to be throughout the duration of the flight.

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