Can I use canned peas for baby food?

Are you wondering whether canned peas are good for your baby? Well, It is undeniable that peas have nutritional values because it contains protein and it can also provide iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, and calcium. They are the first food that can be introduced to the baby alongside other weaning food. 

You can use canned food for baby food, but it is not recommended by pediatricians because of the reasons we will mention below. Since you are already on the right path with making your baby’s purees fresh, try to use fresh peas or frozen peas.

Fewer Nutrients

Canned food tends to lose nutrients with time. Therefore it may not be nutritious to the baby because they require more nutritional value foods. Additionally, Vitamin C in the peas is destroyed during the canning process alongside and other nutrients such as carotenoids, lycopene, potassium vitamin A and other essential nutrients.

Ideally, they are not good for the baby because of the low nutritional content. It is better to use fresh food to feed the baby so that he can acquire as many nutrients as possible to promote good health.

It has additives

The baby’s immune system is still weak that is why you need to feed your bed with appropriate food. Most dietitians will recommend natural and fresh food that is free of additives and chemicals. However canned peas contain additives that have been used as a preservative to make it last longer.

Therefore, when you use such food you are compromising with your baby’s immune system which might make him or her susceptible to infection brought by such chemicals. It is important to stay away from such kind of food when it comes to making baby food.

It is not Fresh

The freshness of food greatly matters when it comes to nutritional value. Canned peas are not fresh hence it might not bring the intended nutrients when it comes to making the baby food. Therefore, it is important to use natural farm food because they have high nutritional content than canned food.

They are prone to contamination

The biggest disadvantage of canned food is that they’re prone to contamination. They can easily get contaminated with yeast mold or bacteria spores that introduce toxins into the body of your baby. Therefore, you should not risk giving canned peas because some of them might be expired if you are not keen enough to check the expiry date. This can make child sick which might even lead to death.

Therefore, to be on the safe side avoid using canned peas and try looking for better peas that are fresh from the farm or they have not been subjected to the canning process.

Final Thoughts

The kind of food that you feed to your baby is very important and that’s why every parent should be conscious about the nutrition of the babies. Food helps the baby to grow and it boosts immunity. Therefore it is important to use fresh food that is free from chemicals, additives, and toxins. Besides, the canning process involves lots of chemical processing and other industrial activities that might compromise with the nutritional value of food.

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