Baby Food Recipes with Avocado

So… you've purchased a beautiful ready avocado for your little one and squashed a cut for his supper. You currently have parts left finished – and you realize he's NEVER going to complete the process of eating everything before it turns sour (cut avocado ought to be spent inside 1-2 days). Would you be able to freeze it? So, can you freeze avocado baby food? Fortunately, yes you CAN freeze avocado – and if you don't care for eating avocado yourself, at that point it's the ideal arrangement. The surface of avocado IS influenced by freezing, however, the taste stays great. The best choice is to altogether squash or purees the avocado, at that point include a drop or two of lemon juice to assist it with keeping its splendid shading (you may want to avoid this progression if your baby is touchy to citrus). At that point move it to a secured compartment for freezing, (or utilize your Baby Food Freezer Tray as you typically would). It will keep for a couple of months in the cooler, however, we suggest utilizing it inside one month for baby nourishment, before there has been any decrease in its dietary benefit. Likewise, with every single defrosted leafy food, the puree may appear to be watery – this is flawlessly ordinary and the avocado is as yet safe to eat. Simply mix the water back in or-if conceivable – channel it off. Two focuses to note: Try not to freeze avocado on the off chance that you have blended the puree in with recently solidified bosom milk. What's more, don't attempt to freeze entire or cut the avocado in the event that it is to be utilized in a recipe where a progressively 'strong' surface is required. Defrosted 'bits' of avocado can be soft in surface – there's actually not a viable replacement for new right now. If you are in the market, searching for a baby nourishment processor, at that point, there are various things to remember before you make that buy. While the kind of processor and its expense are the two principle factors, there are a couple of other basic things that you should likewise consider. These incorporate extra highlights, limit, and the guarantee. Different brands of processors accompany their own extra highlights. It is critical to know your care needs before you settle on a specific brand. The different sorts accessible in the market incorporate manual, smaller than normal, electric, scaled-down baby nourishment processors. You can without much of a stretch put resources into a fundamental model as planning nourishment in a processor doesn't include a lot of complex activities. It is anyway a significant instrument to assist the baby with getting common, healthy nourishment when their bodies are prepared to acknowledge more sustenance. Practically any natural product, vegetable or other wholesome enhancements can be utilized in a processor to slip their entrance into the universe of strong foods. For example, avocadoes are an extraordinary wellspring of basic supplements however it is extremely unlikely a baby can make the most of its integrity. A processor can enable the baby to get all the advantages of an avocado. Truth be told specialists prescribe squashed avocados for children to assist them with getting advantages of this incredible natural product. Just a decent processor can make it available for the baby.

Everyone can agree with me that avocados are great first food for our young children. Avocados are known to be excellent sources of natural fats.  

In this article, we talk about introducing avocado to your baby’s diet and we give you three tasty baby food recipes that are easy to make at home.

The recipes in this article:

Recipe 1 – Avocado, Strawberry, and Banana
Recipe 2 – Avocado, Cucumber, and Apple
Recipe 3 – Avocado, Mango and Greek yogurt

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When can a baby eat avocado?

A baby is ready to be introduced to avocado once at 4-6 months old as this is the time the kid is ready to start solid food.

As we have seen, it’s no doubt that avocados have great nutritional value and thus making them finger food and first or introductory food to our kids. The overall avocado baby food recipe is quite simple as it doesn’t require any cooking. It’s easy, and fast to prepare and it’s a sure thing that the baby will enjoy it.

We recommend that you consult with your baby’s pediatrician on introducing solid foods as generalities may not apply to your infant.

How to prepare avocado for baby food

To prepare baby food with avocado, you require one ripe avocado and maybe a formula, breast milk or water but it’s optional.

Using a sharp knife, cut your avocado into two halves just around the pit lengthwise. After that follow by score pitting with your knife and twist it to pull out the avocado pit. Using a spoon, scoop the avocado meat out of the avocado skin and place it right on the dish.

Using either a food processor, blender or fork, mash the avocado meat into a puree until the desired consistency is arrived at. You can add some breast milk, water or formula to achieve a thinner consistency.

Have some small food storage containers ready or use an ice cube form to pour in the mixture.

Recipe 1: Avocado, Strawberry, and Banana (age 4-6 months+)

Quick, easy and very tasty. Your baby will love this one!


  • 1 Avocado
  • 1 Cup fresh strawberries
  • ½ Banana
  • 1 Cup breast milk or formula (optional)


Step 1 – Using a spoon, scoop the avocado meat out of the peal and add it to a blender or food processor.

Step 2 – Clean the strawberries, remove the crown, and add them to the blender.

Step 3 – Peel the banana and slice ½ in pieces before adding them to the blender.

Step 4 – Mix the ingredients into a smooth puree. You can add some breast milk, formula, or water if you want the puree to be slightly thinner. 

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Recipe 2: Avocado, Cucumber, and Apple (age 8 months+)

Fresh, green, and tasty!


  • 1 Avocado
  • ½ Cucumber
  • 1 Apple
  • 1 Cup breast milk or formula (optional)


Step 1 – Peel the avocado, scoop the meat out and add it to a blender or other kitchen tool you want to use.

Step 2 – Peel the cucumber and slice it up before adding it to the avocado.

Step 3 – You can use the apple fresh or choose to cook it for a very short amount of time. This way, the apple becomes a little bit softer. Peel the apple, remove the core, cut the apple into pieces, and add it to the blender.

Step 4 – Mix all the ingredients into a smooth puree. You can add breast milk or formula to make the puree slightly thinner if you want.

Recipe 3: Avocado, Mango and Greek yogurt (age 6 months+)

Tropical delight that your baby will enjoy for sure!


  • 1 Avocado
  • 1 Mango
  • 1 Tablespoon Greek yogurt

Some people will argue that a baby can eat yogurt from the age of 8 months. But a lot of sources claim it is OK to give yogurt to a 6-month-old baby, Healthline for example. If you don’t want to use Greek yogurt you can replace it with breast milk or formula.


Step 1 – Scoop the meat out of the avocado and add it to a blender or other kitchen tool you want to use.

Step 2 – Peel the mango and slice it up before adding it to the blender.

Step 3 – Last but not least, add the yogurt (or breast milk or formula). Mix the ingredients into a smooth puree. 

A delicious, tropical and sweet baby food recipe that your baby will absolutely enjoy eating!

baby food recipes avocado


Feeding guide for avocado


4-6 months

7 months

8 months

9 months

10-12 months

No. of tbs per portion






No. of feedings

per day






Please keep in mind that this guide only applies to avocado. If you add any other ingredients, like meats, this guide doesn’t apply anymore. 

We recommend that you consult with your baby’s pediatrician on introducing solid foods as generalities may not apply to your infant.

Are these baby food recipes freezable?

You should store your batch of avocado baby meals in a refrigerator using an airtight container for up to a period of 72 hours.

You can freeze this baby food into different portions by employing ice cubes as the recipe can be prepared to make around 5-10 servings.

In the freezer or fridge, avocados and banana tend to be brown but then, the nutritional value and flavor of the food are not affected in any manner.

Ensure you employ practical child or baby feeding tips once you portion out the meal so that there will be an enjoyable experience to the consumers.


Which kitchen tools to use

In order to prepare these baby food recipes, you will need the following kitchen tools:

  • Blender or food processor

  • Knife

  • Tablespoon

  • Vegetable peeler

  • Cutting board

  • Food storage containers or an ice cube form


Nutritional benefits

This fruit offers quite a number of nutritional benefits to our bodies. It is actually considered to have the most nutritional value as compared to other fruits and vegetables. Avocados are loaded with fiber, zinc, thiamin, protein, folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, and other nutrients. It is considered a superfood for other people out there. 

To add on these nutrients, they are also high in natural fats, but then, don’t ever let the natural avocado fat deter you. Research proves that the natural avocado fat is heart-healthy as it contains good HDL cholesterol and it’s monounsaturated.

The fruit contains coveted Omega 3 fatty acids in tons that help promote brain development and other benefits and thus making it such an excellent choice for any growing child. They are actually the perfect introductory solid food as they are known as very mild.


How to pick the right avocado

All of us have at one time faced challenges choosing ripe avocados out there in the market. But then, we should solve this once and for all. How can one tell if the fruit is ripe? In case you need to have one to eat, settle at the one that is dark green in color and the one with bumpy skin. With just a bit of feel of firmness when squeezed, it’s ready to be consumed.

Don’t go for a rock hard one as this is not ripe and the one that feels too much soft can be spoilt, so make a choice right. Pick an avocado that is somehow ripe and not too much ripe. Avocados should be stored outside the fridge unless otherwise, they are already ripe.

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