How To Introduce Spicey Food To My Child?

For the majority of us, meals will be of no value in case no spices are added to them. Being an integral part of our lives, spices help to add lots of flavor and taste to our meals. If you are thinking of how to make your child consume spicy food items then you need to consider several things.

Is spicy food OK for a child?

First of all, the food might not be suitable for your child’s digestive system. However, you are aware of the fact that you have to do it either sooner or later.

Spicy food items are responsible for triggering pain receptors in our mouth. The majority of these types of food consist of an ingredient which is known as capsaicin.

When consumed, this ingredient is responsible for binding with vanilloid receptors within our mouths. In this way, the sensory neurons are triggered to become depolarized and they send a signal which indicates the existence of spice in our mouths.

Although it may be possible for an adult to take care of these stimuli, it can prove to be too much for a kid. Some individuals might be of the notion that consuming spices might result in pain in the mouth. Therefore, there should be no reason to make babies bear that pain whatsoever. The answer to this is quite simple. Apart from being flavorful, spices will likewise help to add nutritional value to the food as well. On most occasions, they come with outstanding health benefits.

When can a child eat spicy food?

According to multiple experts, you can start introducing spicy food around the age of 6 months. “But start with aromatic spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg, garlic, and ginger of hot spices.” Says Dr. Anca Safta, pediatric gastroenterologist, director of endoscopy, and assistant professor at the University of Maryland. (source)

In India, the Middle East, and Latin America, parents add a lot of variety to their children’s food. It will make food taste better and expand the child’s palate. But be careful, some children can be more sensitive to herbs and spices. 

In case the question arises in your mind “how do I introduce spicy food to my child?” then in the following paragraphs, we will mention some guidelines on that topic that will come up use to you. So let us not waste time and go through the paragraphs from start to finish.

introduce spicy food to baby

How to introduce spicy food to your baby

The secret will be to prune the sensory receptors of your infant at first. Therefore, make it a point to introduce the spices gradually as well as individually instead of giving them together in one single meal. Apart from this, make sure to select the spices meticulously before adding them to your food. You will not like to add chilies to the food of your baby right away which can burn his mouth.

Select one spice at any given time

Try not to become excessively excited while presenting spicy food items to your infant. Make sure to choose one particular spice at any given time, particularly when it comes to aromatic spices. For example, some cinnamon can be garnished on top of the cereal of your toddler. Otherwise, garlic can also be added to his favorite soup.

Observe prior to introducing the subsequent one

Make sure to provide your kid with at least 5 to 6 days for evaluating whether the spice or the herb is given by you is ideal for his stomach. On some occasions, some particular spices such as garlic do not tend to be suitable for some kids. As a result, it will be a good idea to devote some time to comprehend what is actually working for your child in the long run.

Add to the container

After becoming confident of the fact that your kid will be capable of handling all the spices given by you to him, try adding a couple of spices together to the container.

For example, in case you prepare fish soup or chicken curry, it will be a sensible idea to add a small amount of pepper and salt along with garlic powder. However, bear in mind to add them in small quantities and introduce the blend to your kid in small amounts as well.

Share the food which you are consuming

One surefire way of introducing spicy food to your baby will be to share your own food along with him. Whatever is prepared by you for yourself, make sure to share a small portion of it with your kid.

In case you are of the notion that your food is excessively spicy, it can be diluted for your infant.


Before ending this article, we would like to mention that introducing spices is actually your personal choice. There is no compulsion for you to do this. Nevertheless, medical practitioners will suggest you add spices into the meals of your baby only because of the fact that it will help to expand their enjoyment and taste.

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