Do I need a sippy cup?

Do I need a sippy cup? Personally, I do. There are lots of people who’re hesitant about the use of sippy cups, and their stresses will, in general, be legit. A lot of mothers and fathers have questions concerning weaning a baby from the start or wean him or her for a brief timeframe a short while later. 

Loads of mothers and fathers decide to wean from the start using an ordinary drinking cup and pass the sippy cup stage totally. This training is entirely adequate. There isn’t any rule related to which cup you should use for your baby, but a sippy cup might come in handy. 

When does a sippy cup come in handy

When you ask yourself, “Do I need a sippy cup?” You need to understand that Sippy cups will, in general, be perfect for events when you wish for your child or little girl to drink without any help; anyway, she or he isn’t generally used to drink from a fully open cup.

What’s more, they are perfect for either a car ride or even whenever you’re out of the house. The cup could be hurled into your tote without bringing about any undesirable spills. Therefore, sippy cups absolutely are recommended to buy but not so much a necessity.

It is proposed that babies ought to have some type of drink available to them at all times, be it squeeze, water or milk. For this purpose, the sippy is really useful. This way your child will have a cup close by even while he or she is playing. Leaving a drink promptly accessible is clever, especially because most babies won’t stop playing to get themselves a drink when they become parched.

Most children will probably stay much more hydrated when a drink is actively available and stays by their sides.

Most mothers and fathers won’t allow their little children to walk all around the house with an ordinary, open drinking cup in their grasp, because the house will turn into a wet mess. The sippy cup prevents that and you can let your child run around with it without having to worry about spills. 

A sippy cup also comes in handy for the transition from bottle to open cup. It could be used just for a month or so to bring in the habit.

Disadvantages of a sippy cup

The sucking action on the sippy cups by the toddlers affects the way the teeth and jaws start growing, just like thumb sucking can affect the teeth and jaws.

It can also cause teeth decay. If you are going to be giving only water in the sippy cup, then it is ok. But when it comes to juice or other sugary food the constant sipping action of a baby will cause the acid to react and thus cause tooth decay. Read more about this topic in our article “Are hard pout sippy cups bad for teeth?”


A sippy cup is not a necessity but more a handy tool when you are in the car or when you take your baby outside. Using a sippy cup for a long time can be bad for your baby’s teeth, so use the sippy cup in moderation or for a short period of time, to transition your baby from drinking from a bottle to an open cup. 

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