Best Snacks for Your Baby before Bed


Which parents do not crave for a child who is blissfully sleeping? Because peaceful and invigorating sleep is important for the growth and healthy development of the baby, but also for mom and dad. 

For the baby to sleep well and sleep all night, in addition to the soothing rituals of sleeping and a proper sleeping environment, it is also important to have a dinner that will satiate and comfort her, and will not fall hard on her stomach.

After 4-6 p.m. According to the recommendations of the Institute for the Study of Children’s Nutrition, pure milk is gradually supplemented with (mushy) supplementary foods. This is where many parents ask themselves the question of what kind of porridge it is for a good night.

What is easily digestible and well saturated and long-lasting to allow my baby to have a restful sleep?

It turned out to be traditionally the best porridge of milk and cereals in the evening. The milk contained in it produces proteins that are particularly well used and well-fed. Mild cereal flakes provide energy. Whole-grain cereal flakes make sure that this energy is available to the body over a long period of time. That way, your baby can sleep normally without a hint of hunger.

This will be the most successful end of the day and a relaxing night.

Keep an eye on your baby’s signals. For an evening meal, she should not be too tired and almost fall asleep at meals. Allow the day to end peacefully and plan a time for pampering so your little one can say goodbye to your surroundings and to you.

Foods That Help Kids Sleep Better

For good and peaceful sleep, one of the most important things is a proper dinner. See what foods will help your toddler sleep better.

It is quite normal for babies and young children to go through phases where they have trouble sleeping.

It has been scientifically proven that certain foods affect how we sleep, so you can also use foods that can be consumed by children in your baby’s diet and thus try to improve their sleep.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile is the longest-used of all herbs to soothe and aid sleep. Make a cup of chamomile tea before bedtime, sweeten it with sugar or honey (if the child is over one year old), let it cool and give it half an hour before bedtime.


Tryptophan is an amino acid that causes drowsiness and is mostly found in turkey. It is also found in milk, cheese, nuts, eggs, and legumes.

Therefore, let your child’s afternoon snack contain some of these foods.

More carbs – less protein

This is a magic combination that will help your child fall asleep more easily and not wake up at night.

This combination includes apples with peanut butter, whole-grain grains, and cheese, pastry with cream cheese or cereals, and milk.


Bananas are rich in hormones and minerals that stimulate sleep. First of all, there are melatonin and serotonin that help calm and regulate the sleep cycle, and they also contain magnesium, which naturally relaxes the muscles.

What Good Night Snacks Does HiPP Have?

Quite to mom’s wishes, HiPP has now developed new evening meals into baby-friendly milk jars and clean cereals. Baby-friendly milk will provide your baby with high-quality protein in the right amount, and mild cereal flakes take care of long-term satiety.

HiPP used only those ingredients that moms themselves would use – with the addition of selected vitamins and calcium, as required by the strict requirements for baby cereal milk cereal.

All HiPP goodnight spoons are of course proven HiPP bio quality.


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